America is in a “baby bust” driven by millennials who are not having as many kids as older generations wish. According to a new report, Americans aren’t making enough babies to keep pace with deaths. While moms need to have 2.1 births to keep the nation moving forward, this number dropped to all-time low of just 1.8.


The older generation is so oblivious to what it is like starting out as an adult in these modern post-2000’s times. Just for an example, some of my older coworkers think that our generation lives with parents for so long because we were given all participation trophies, and thus have no motivation.

But honestly, I don’t agree. From my experience, my millennial friends from my job are hard-working, adaptable and capable of critical thinking. Actually, I have noticed that many of the older generation complain about changes and believe that if they have been at the company for 10 or more years, they are entitled to special treatment.

Is this world a good place to live?

Honestly, as a millennial I wouldn’t mind kids someday. But not in this system. A combination of not being able to afford them and doubt that the future will be a decent place to live. Maybe we are a bit pessimistic, but we see our situation as worse than our parents. Of course in some ways the modern world is better, but how can we feel about having kids if we aren’t believing that this world is a good place to live?

Safe, decent-paying jobs?

Even more, do we actually need more people? Many are too short sighted to understand that we don’t need more people. They say how this and that country will collapse by 2035, because of the lack of workforce. What lack and what workforce? We are living in a world run by computers and robots and technology will only expand in these fields. By 2035 there is going to even less free job positions and I believe, we will not need as much workforce as these days. Actually, who guarantees that the next generation will have safe and secure jobs, considering that this world is becoming highly automated by day.

It feels like taking a loan…

For a millennial, having a child is the equivalent of taking a loan. The cost of child delivery has skyrocketed in the last few decades. It costs thousands of dollars to raise a child. It’s a fact that most people can’t afford a child. Actually, if we look more closely, most people are doing it by accident anyway.

Kids accessories and kids room decor are also another thing to think about. Furniture is fairly expensive these days. My friend recently shopped for a children bed. Both online and in a shop here. After a long search for an affordable bed, finally he decided to buy a frame and a box spring from a mattress firm.



It seems the answer to the problem of lack of kids is social programs. Japan is already having this problem. Their population is aging rapidly and there’s not enough younger people to tax to support the older ones. Some millennials say that breeding new humans create carbon footprint. In other words, this planet is overpopulated. But honestly, I don’t see that as truth. The small portions of our population consume the greater portion of resources, anyways.

I have heard my European friends saying, “well if you can’t afford a child, just move to another country”. I don’t believe there should be a mass migration or a revolution. I think a lot of people, myself included, become very attached to the place of origin, which we come to call home.

I must add that the feeling “we are too broke” isn’t the whole story. I have noticed that many people my age have decent jobs and polished homes, but would rather simply live in the city, than have to drive to a house in the suburbs. Also, I have noticed that more and more people would rather have time for hobbies or a social life instead of raising kids.

For others, the problem isn’t a low salary, putting in the hours or working three jobs at the same time. But the actual problem is that every job nowadays requires you to be available all day, 7 days a week. I feel that in other countries situation is a bit different. I have a friend in Canada who says he is thankful so much. He has got two children, and it has cost him exactly $84 in hospital bills. Of course, he has to pay around $1100 a month for two kids at day care, but that’s only because he and his wife are working full-time jobs.